In 2006 only three events were held. Most records have long since been lost


House Cross Country - Gordon

House Athletics - Lawson

House Swimming - Gordon

  • Special note needs to be made of the 1-2 placing Lawson had in the open championship of the Athletics Carnival. First place was awarded to Moses C and closely following was Hannah C in 2nd. 


The Championship Sprint, OH! MY! GOD! The whole thing was pumping with adreneline! Moses kept on 'False Starting' and we all got really annoyed and then is started. I got a good start and for some far out scary reason I was out infront! What the hell!! It went so fast, and soon enough Moses caught up. I wanted to put on more speed...but i don't think i could. It was really close and i knew the others werent far behind. With the last bit of speed, I got through the finish line. Everyone was racing over to us. And all i could do was laugh. (Hannah C, Second Place)

At the start of the race i kept false starting and was almost disqualified. So after Mrs Ryan (Jad) said 'last time' I didnt break, but waited so i was the last to start. By the middle Hannah was in front and it was only the last 10 meteres i caught up to her. Although i didn't think i would catch her. I just kept pushing to go faster. (Moses C, Winner)