EPS house CompetitionEdit

The EPS house sports are played over the course of a whole year. Students in grade3-6 particiapte in a variety of sports across the school year. Points are handed out to houses for different events, and at the completion of the year the house with the most points is awarded the Zimbachs Shield.


The school is split into four seperate houses, each named after a famous Australian Poet. 

The teams are as follows


Traditional Events

New team events

Individual Events

  • Beep Test
  • Paper/Rock/Scissors


Houses are awarded points for each events depending on where they finish. 1,2,3 or 4. These points are locked away in the wooden box and stored throught the year until the last week of school when they are tallied up and the winner of the Zimbachs Shield is announced. 

The points are staggered and winning events in grade 5/6 earns more points than a grade 3 or 4 winner. 

The traditional three events, Cross Country, Athletics and Swimming are all worth the most points. Equally as important is the House spirit award, handed out at these events. The house spirit award winner is awarded 50% of the winning teams total, which in the end usually means the house spirit award is worth more. 

House CaptainsEdit

Each year in the first few weeks of term 1, students nominate themselves to run for house captain. Once they are nominated, they need to prepare a speech. This speech should generally be about why they would make a good house captain. This speech is given to the other members of their house (grades 3-6). After all nominees have delvered their speech, students from grade 5 and 6 then vote anonymously for who they would like as house captain. These votes are taken away and then counted by the sports teacher. 

Each house elects 1 male and 1 female captain. These are announced during a lunch time over the schools PA system. 

In the past there have been both captains and vice-captains. However the current system currently only sees captains, with Vice Captains being scrapped after the 2011 year. 

To learn more go to House Captains.

Year StructureEdit

The structure of each year will change depending on events and timetables. 2013 looks as follows

2013 Calendar of Events

Term 1

House Captian Elections


Term 2



Cross Country

Term 3



Beep Test

Tug of War

Term 4


Bat Tennis




The House Cup is the biggest and oldest of all the Trophys. It is seen as the major prize to gain throughout the year. However over the years, more of the events now have trophies up for grabs. 

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