House SingingEdit

A new event on the house competition roster. The house singing is held at the last assembly of term 3. 

Rules Edit

Judges choose a list of 10 songs to be pulled from a hat by each of the house captains

The song should be one that students don’t know too well, but is accessible for kids, and how well they learn the song will be one aspect they are judged on.

Each house must have a minimum of 10 representatives on stage.

Costume is allowed,

Simple Dance moves are allowed

Judged onEdit

How well they know the song

How well they sing the song

How well they keep focus, and aren’t distracted

How they look on stage.

Songs are chosen by teachers and pulled out of a hat byt eh house captains. Each captain pulls out a song, so that each house has 2 songs to choose between. 

2012 ResultsEdit

Song Choices and performance order

  1. Gordon - Crocodile Rock by Elton John
  2. Lawson - Yellow Submarine by The Beatles
  3. Paterson - Wake me up before you go by Wham
  4. Dennis - You really got me now by The Kinks