House Trivia was first held in term 4 2012. Trivia is set out over one week. 


each house sends a team to trivia every day. The rules state that house members may only attend the one day of trivia. Teams can choose the category their members attend. The beauty of the last day is that hosues have to decide wether to keep their best trivia brains for the Friday and risk that they will understand the topic.

Trivia SchedualEdit

Monday - Sport

Tuesday - Entertainment

Wednesday - Literature

Thursday - General Knowledge

Friday - The final day of trivia is a mystery topic.


2012 - Lawson


The trophy was originally awarded to the school for a trivia contest won back in 2007. However sitting in the back of the trophy cabinet unused,the decision was made to bring it back into use. Seeing as it already says House Trivia on the plaque, it only seemed appropriate that we use it for House Trivia.